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  1. All Rates include:
    • All local taxes
    • VAT
    • Unlimited mileage
    • The Free use of a single child/baby or booster seat
    • Comprehensive Insurance Cover for a single driver (the Hirer), with a specified “Customer Damage Responsibility Excess” amount shown with the rate.
  2. The Rates exclude:
    • Liability for the Customer Damage Responsibility Amount
    • Fuel. Cars & Minibuses are supplied with 1/4 tank without charge and are required to be returned with a minimum of 1/4 tank. Light commercial vehicles such as vans are supplied Full of fuel & are required to be returned full.
    • A Re-Fuel charge for a fixed amount of £30 is imposed only if you don’t return the vehicle with the required minimum amount of fuel, since the refueling will need to be carried out on your behalf.
    • Additional drivers
    • Out of office delivery/collection arrangements (see locations for details)
    • Additional child seats.
  3. Rates are subject to change at any time up to the time of confirmation.
  4. Optional & voluntary “Damage Excess Reduction Insurances” will be fully explained to you before signing the rental agreement at the time of vehicle collection and these insurance options are normally made available to Customers again at this time, should you decide to amend your original booking choice. You can read more about this in the Insurance section of this website.
  5. Age. 23 years and over but under 81.
  6. Driving Licence. At the time of rental, you must produce a current full driving licence held for at least 12 months. Endorsed licences are accepted at our discretion.
  7. Drivers. Only approved drivers are permitted to operate the car.
  8. Overseas Use. Cars and People Carriers are NOT permitted to be taken off the Isle of Man. Vans may be operated overseas in the UK by prior arrangement.
  9. One-way Rentals. Within the Isle of Man vehicles may be returned to any Athol Car Hire Office location including the Airport without notification and without incurring additional charges (refer to Location tab for further information about the local offices). By contacting our office, advance arrangements can also be made to return vehicles to Douglas Sea Ferry Terminal. For UK hired vehicles a “one-way hire” surcharge will apply unless agreed in advance of the hire. Please contact our office for further information.
  10. Payment. Must be made prior to rental. All major credit cards are accepted. Cheques are accepted if supported by a current Bank Guarantee Card. Customers are made aware that in addition to the rental charges paid at the time of vehicle collection, an additional pre-authorised security deposit is required on a credit/debit card where customers elect to stand liable for any damage excess.
  11. Reservations. All bookings made via the Internet are “on request basis” for the first 24 hours and should not be assumed to have been accepted by Athol until a written Confirmation response has been received by you.
  12. Credit Facilities. For companies subject to application and approval. Not available on Special Rates.
  13. Rental Extension. Is only possible if your original booking was made and paid directly to Athol Car Hire. This facility is subject to availability and providing our office is informed prior to expiry of the agreed rental period and additional payment is made, so that insurance cover may be extended. In circumstances where your original booking arrangement was made and has been pre-paid via a third party (such as a Travel Agent, Internet based Travel Company or Tour Operator), it will be necessary to close the existing rental agreement down and then start a new agreement/contract for which payment is then made directly to Athol. In such circumstances the revised tariff may possibly alter the daily rental charge, so best to obtain a revised quotation for the new period required.
  14. Availability. Every effort is made to supply the vehicle group size originally requested but in the event of it being unavailable a similar or larger upgraded alternative vehicle will be provided. Estate and/or automatic cars are limited in type and supply. Please check with our office.
  15. Delivery. Collection. Meet & Greet arrangements No charge within office hours otherwise £25.00p (Refer to Location tabs for further information)
  16. Opening Hours. Refer to individual office Locations  for office hours
  17. Reservation. Vehicles confirmed more than 4 weeks in advance are reserved upon payment of £25 deposit for which the balance is due at the time of collection.
  18. Cancelation Policy. Outside 24 hours of arrival, reservations are fully flexible and can be cancelled or amended without charge. Inside 24 hours of arrival, a cancelation or no-show fee of £25 applies.
  19. Delayed arrivals. Should be notified to the location office. When staff are retained after normal office hours to meet Customers off a delayed inbound flight or ferry, an “Out of Hours” fee of £25 may be levied to cover the additional expenses incurred in keeping the office open.
  20. Fuel policy. All prices exclude fuel. Since January 2017, we introduced a fairer fuel policy. All Cars & Minibuses are supplied with a minimum 1/4 full tank of fuel for which there is no payment or deposit required at the time of collection. Light Commercial Vehicles such as vans are supplied full of fuel. Customers are required to return vehicles with at least the same level. There will be no refund for surplus fuel left in the vehicle and any shortages must be reported before operating the vehicle.
  21. Re-fuel Charges: Customers returning vehicles with less than the required minimum amount of fuel will be charged a fix fee of £30 to cover the cost of refueling the vehicle by the rental company. Customers are therefore advised to refuel their vehicle prior to its return.
  22. Mis-fueling a vehicle is considered to be damage, since the Hirer is not operating the vehicle correctly as per Manufacturers instructions.
  23. A single day constitutes 24 hours. If a vehicle is overdue by 60 minutes a further day is charged.
  24. The conditions are set out in full in the hire agreement. No liability shall be accepted for any damage, injury, loss, cost, charges or expenses incurred by the Hirer consequential to any accident or mechanical failure. We do not guarantee to reserve any vehicle in respect of any application and reserve the right to refuse any such application. In the event monies will be refunded.
  25. Full Terms and Conditions are available to: Download here

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