Mobile Phones & local SIM cards

Does your mobile phone operate in the Isle of Man? If not, we offer phones to hire

Not all UK mobile Networks are available in the Isle of Man, so you may find on arrival that your mobile doesn’t work and even if it does, making or receiving calls whilst ROAMING can be very expensive.

We’re here to help keep you mobile!

Athol Car Hire offer a selection of mobile phones to hire as well as providing local SIM cards to purchase which come supplied with £5 free credit. We also sell £5 or £10 “TOP UP CARDS” or a USB port DONGLE to get your laptop connected to the local Manx Telecom Network.

“Just ask at any of our offices.”

“It’s only hear say!” -You don’t have to hire a vehicle to hire a mobile phone, but you will require identification providing proof of address.

“Now we’re talking!”

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